The FULL CIRCLE SOLUTIONS is not designed like a traditional therapy. We have a a patented process exclusive and only available through us.

Why Full Circle Solutions Center For Capsular Contracture?

The Full Circle Solutions Center program essentially allows for a softening, loosening, and increase blood circulation to the implant Capsule which may be beginning to harden and constrict. The softening and reducing scar tissue is manipulated and improves the overall treatment program.

Why Can't I Just Use A Standard Therapy Program?

Capsular contracture becomes a hardening shell of scar tissue that encompasses your breast implant. Unlike most physical therapy designed to work on smaller areas, we utilize our non-invasive Aspen ultra sound technology in conjunction with manual manipulation to treat your entire breast. Our therapists work closely with you to develop a treatment protocol designed for your success. In each session, we will be by your side, working to achieve maximum results.

It is important to note this is a total treatment program that must be used in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques to achieve best results.

Is There Research To Support This Rehabilitation Technique?

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